Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Norfolk Churches Walk: holding post with centaur

Fiddling, no less, and with vine-leaves sprouting from his tail. Not exactly a sacred image, though it's to be found in a lone roundel at our first, and very amazing, stop last Saturday, St Peter's Church Ringland. We walk not for the greater glory of the Anglican God, but for all the artistry accomplished in his name, for quirky treasures like the above, and buildings which all have their treasures, including those propped up by the Norfolk Churches Trust. 

So you may want to wait for me to sing for your pennies, or you may give now online (or via cheque made payable to said charity and sent to my home address, details on request if you don't have them), since we achieved our target of 10 churchs in 15 miles, and had a glorious day with plenty of sunshine to boot. With thanks to the many who've given so generously already. Remember: a kind word on here is also enough, but that too you may want to save for the big chronicle.

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