Friday, 21 August 2009

More about Hildegard

Following my personal memories further down in 'A star fell', I had the honour of writing Hildegard Behrens's obituary for The Guardian, now up and running here. The newspaper version has a splendid full-length colour portrait of La B as Brunnhilde, managing to look austerely beautiful in the unattractive weeds of Otto Schenk's hideously dressed Met production.

We must have a clip of Behrens at her most idiosyncratic. There are three YouTube chunks of her in 1994 as Strauss's Elektra. I thought the final dance of death was a bit close to the bone, so here's the big soliloquy. Levine's conducting is pretty fine, too.


Willym said...

David, thank you for that very fine tribute in the Guardian.

David said...

Thanks, Will, I thought you'd have something to say about the great lady on your own blog sooner or later.

I apologise that it was written in (albeit loving) haste, so a few words get repeated rather more often than they would if I'd had time to polish it. But all sincerely meant (and as I said, her Salome was a turning point in my musical life).